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Don't just read the nutrition section of our blog. Feel free to ask us a question or get information on a diet you are planing. Why not get us to write you a personal plan.

Our Process

Analyse your Goals

Our personal trainers will find out what your what your goals are, and set you SMART Targets to achieve them.

Work on your targets

A local Personal Trainer will work on your targets with you providing expertise and motivation.

Achieve your goals

Following our workout programmes and diet plans you will achieve your goals.

Set new goals

With your first set of goals completed Time to set new goals.

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What makes Light Year Fitness personal trainers diffrent?

Our personal trainers don’t believe in the one programme suits all. We like to talk to all of our clients and work out what their goals are. We than create a personalised programme to suit their needs and help them achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight get a bit fitter or put on some muscle Light Year Fitness Personal trainers can help.

Note: our personal trainers are based in Reigate Surrey.

Our Services

Local Personal Trainers

Personal Training

One to One with a professional
  • Full fitness evaluation
  • Diet programme Included
  • Full support
online personal training

Online Personal Training

Online support and help
  • Complete fitness programme
  • Diet programme Included
  • Members Log in for continued support.
Weight Loss Class

Fit Chat

Group health class
  • Weekly weight tracking
  • Group motivation
  • Take away workouts and recipes

General Fitness Related FAQ's

Personal Training For Beginners

Some people think personal training is just experts or people that love lifting weights. This is very untrue if you are just starting out personal training could be perfect for you. A personal trainer can gauge your fitness and strength level and work out a perfect programme for you to get you started.

Personal Training For The Gym Goer

Do you go to the gym all the time you enjoy the gym but you feel you are just not getting the results you want? A personal trainer may be just what you need to push you to the next level and help you progress. Sometimes knowing the best workouts and doing the best workouts are totally different things. Do you know if the exercises you have planned will work for you do you know if you are doing them correctly.

Personal Training For Weight Loss

There are lots of reasons to take on a personal trainer when you are looking to lose weight. Weight loss is a difficult subject, so much can affect how much you lose and how quickly you can lose it. We could talk about technical things like hormones correct nutrition, but to be honest most of the time the thing that stops most people from losing weight is just life getting in the way.

Personal Training For Endurance Events

Do you have a long bike ride, a marathon or even a triathlon you may need to start thinking about your diet? You most likely won’t need a personal trainer to help with your workout but you may need one for your recovery and diet 2 very important parts of any endurance training. With events becoming more and more popular everyone is looking for that extra edge.