About Light Year Fitness

You may have read on the home page that we are a small personal training company based in Reigate Surrey. We provide a number of different services, ranging from one on one training to group classes. Our aim is to provide a truely personal service to people, not just training acording to the current fads.

We have a wide range of equipment and experience to keep your body guessing and help you achieve your personal goals. We know that everyone is different, weight loss to one person may be completely different to another's idea of weight loss. Our approach is to try to really get to know our clients, find out what they like, what they don't and work a plan that will not only suit them, but they can keep up with.

What it takes to succeed

An Idea 10%
Diet 50%
Exercise 50%
Motivation 100%

We strive to help everyone with any level of fitness.

You may just be starting out and want some help getting going our personal trainers will find out exactly what you are capable of and help you on your way to a fitter life style.

Maybe you have been going to the gym for a while but you have started to plateau. Our Fitness experts give you new ideas, work on your technique and help push you to the next level

  • Complete Beginner

    With a slow and steady start our trainers can get you going and keep you motivated. Our skilled fitness experts have been well trained to help everyone.

  • Intermediate

    Do you need new ideas want to spice up your work out? Personal training might be what you need. We can provide interesting new workouts with different equipment and outdoor workouts why be locked in a gym.

  • Regular gym goer

    When you have been training for a while to really push yourself to the next level you need to work out right and eat the correct food. You will need to understand the supplements you are taking.

Diet has been made a dirty word!

Normally when people mention the word diet everyone thinks that means giving everything up. This simply is not true diet by its definition means “food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health”.

Have you tried every “Diet” going but nothing seems to work? This is because everyone is an individual and your body works in its own way. It is time to find out what will get you results.

  • Yo-yo dieter

    Why keep hoping from one fad diet to the next. Why not stop and find out what will work for you? With our helpful tools and professional personal trainers its time to reach your goals.

  • Understanding you

    The government have been very helpful by telling everyone what the calories the average person should eat are, but who is average? If you don’t do much exercise you may have a much lower calorie intake than someone that is always down the gym.

  • Pills and Shakes

    With all the supplements on the market all claiming to be the best that you can get. Who do you believe? The first question you should ask yourself do you need supplements? Check out our nutrition blog we talk supplements, foods, and reviews on products.

What gets you going?

At some point everyone has that moment where they get up and say let’s get going. The problem is that get up and go feeling is hard to keep around. Remember even the most elite athletes need a coach!

No one can keep you motivated like family or friends but if they are not on your side we will be.

  • Get going

    Is it time to get started working on your fitness goals. Trust our personal trainers to work to your levels supplying you with the motivation you will need to get started and push you on reach your goals.

  • Keep going

    First goals achieved time to set new goals. Trust the Light Year Fitness experts to help you set new targets and then help you reach those too.

  • Get other people going

    When you have reached your targets why not take some of that extra motivation and help a friend or family member reach theirs. Why not try our group fitness classes and get a few people involved.

Whats the Members Area

With most of our plans we offer a members area that include lots of added benefits. There are some things you wont want to miss out on.

Music ideas for workouts

Exercise database with pictures

**Coming soon video workouts**

programme Storage

Light year fitness are the local personal trainers that put you first.

We offer a number of different services to help with any get fit, weight loss, or body changing goals.
Take some time to chat to one of our trainers, they will find out exactly what you are looking to achieve, and show you how you can achieve your target.

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