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One Off 4 week Diet programme

work out what to eat

Just like the One Off 4 Week Fitness programmeme, the 4 Week Diet programmeme will be designed around your personal needs.

This is mainly used to help change things up, or perhaps just help you with shopping list suggestions on what you should be stocking your fridge with. It can sometimes be quiet difficult to find meal ideas or diets that would suit your needs. We can offer advice and ideas to help you meet requirements.

Our personal trainers will try to use the foods you like make a programmeme that works towards your targets and goals.

Features of One Off 4 week Diet programme
  • Good for new ideas
  • Fully custom for you
  • Professional personal trainers
  • Can buy with one off fitness plan
  • Discounts available on 1-2-1
  • Consultation needed
diet plans

One Off 4 week Diet programme

work out what to eat
  • Can be bought with fitness plan
  • Diet designed to suit you
  • supplement advice

Effective Local Personal Trainers


Personal Training can is bought in sessions 1-2-1 done online or just bought one off. This gives you the power to only buy what you need from Light Year Fitness without having to break the bank. Our deal with you will be you provide the goals and we will provide the expertise, knowledge and motivation.

People have a lot of reasons to take on personal training and take on new fitness goals. It could be for this summer’s beach body or maybe it is something a bit more important like a wedding.

New Ideas

Our personal trainers try to keep up with all the latest trends in fitness and believe us that is quite a few. If there is a way you would like to train, please let our personal trainers know and we will do our best to get you the results you want the way you want.

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Book in with our personal trainers today so we can get you going reaching your goals. Please take a look at our blog filter it to find something that may interest you, it could be nutrition info life through the eyes of a local personal trainer and information on fitness apps and review of products.

3 most important things for

You will always need a target. It is hard to keep motivated if you are not working towards anything. But like anything if your target is not achievable you will lose motivation. Our personal trainers will work with you to set achievable targets, and help you advance past them.
This is not just a job of a personal trainer. You will need to identify who around you will help support you targets; you will also need to identify the people that are not helping you. Setting up a good support structure is key when you are changing your lifestyle.
This seems pretty obvious but it is not enough to just print off a guide on line on what to do, you will need to know how to do it. Like anything you do it will take time to figure out if what you are doing will work for you. The advantage of having a personal trainer is we can help you work out what is right.

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